ARM support – assistance for your project

In embedded projects and as well in the automotive sector, solutions with ARM controllers and Linux operating systems are more and more prevailing.

While developers on x86-based systems were previously familiar with using BIOS and other support, they are now faced with bootloaders and other driver models. The peripherals are also manufacturer-specific for each ARM controller.

If you are planning new systems with ARM controllers or have problems with projects that have already started, we will be happy to support you according to your wishes or can deliver or adapt parts of the hardware and software.


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ARM support – so we can help!

We can provide support in the following areas:

  • system suggestions and achitecture
  • development or selection of hardware and software
  • commisioning of hardware and software
  • board support packages
  • driver development and adatation (e.g. CAN, LIN, SPI, display)

embeddeers has many years of experience with various ARM variants up to the latest variants: ARM Cortex M4, ARM Cortex A8 / 9 and their specific characteristics.