embeddeers GmbH – company presentation

We are a specialized Berlin company. In our core business, we offer development services and consulting in the range of embedded systems and the V-model.

Our special development competencies are in the area of embedded software and hardware, safety relevant software, software for automotive control units with the associated tooling, as well as prototypes and small batch series.

Our business is handling complete or partial projects and also in-house support for your teams. We offer all relevant development services including requirements management, project management, architecture and testing.

Primarily the embeddeers GmbH is directly involved in series an pre-development project for the automotive supply industry or automakers. Many projects were also realized for medium-sized companies from other industries (e.g. automation technology, telecommunications, medical engineering).

Affected by the very successful, pocess-oriented approach in the automotive industry, we are just as well organized and structered. The focus on quality and strict processes provides you on-time delivery, cost advantages, budget reliability, predictability and a reliable result in every project.

We face new challenges with enthusiasm and passion and firmly believe that we can best meet your individual needs through partnership-based cooperation, our motivation as well as goal-orientation and pragmatism.

So far, we have been able to bring many large and small projects to maturity phase with our project-specific teams, often to the special satisfaction of our customers.